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Keepin' it real

since 1996

Lover of sunsets, Rock N Roll, all things food, family and Jesus.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me spending quality time with family, going on walks with my daughter, sitting on the couch watching New Girl or driving around town jamming Greta Van Fleet with the windows down.

This journey began after my daughter was born, and I decided to really pick up a camera. Indulging in courses, following other creatives, and practicing has allowed me to turn this passion of mine, into a business.​

The name came to me while driving listening to AC/DC. We are a big Rock N Roll family, so it only seemed fitting.


about me


When you first meet me, you might notice that I'm a bit quiet and I'm pretty laid back. But that doesn't stop me from playing some tunes and jumping around like a crazy person to get your little(s) to laugh, or at least crack a smile!

I am most passionate, maybe a bit fanatical about capturing real moments, real feelings, true, in the moment, interaction. I just want you in your natural state, because realness is the I also LOVE to help with styling, makeup suggestions and all that fun stuff too. I mean everyone wants to look and feel their best, and I’m here to connect with you, be friends with you, and take some great photos of you.


the beginning of a beautiful friendship

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